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Upcoming workshops! update

Due to the Co-vid19 concerns and the important abundance of caution we will be postponing the first of these workshops, Introduction to Pilates, tomorrow, Sunday, March 15. We will decide during this fluid situation what to do about the following workshops and will announce that along with new dates as required.

Please let us know if you are interested and would like to be added to the workshop notification list.

These workshops will be led by Sarah Joy Stoker, extensively trained and experienced, fully certified Functional Anatomy and Bio-mechanics Specialist, Certified Post Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist, Certified Pilates Instructor, and co-owner of Pony Locale. Sarah is well known by her clients as a gifted instructor with a deeply effective way of explaining things about the body, movement, exercise, perception and sensation.

These workshops are OPEN TO EVERYONE!

No experience in Pilates necessary. They are for everyone and anyone who has questions or experiences pain or discomfort, or has issues in certain areas of the body, or anyone who would just like to know and understand more about their body and simple things that can have a very big and positive impact.

The sessions will be a combination of instruction, participation (doing the led exercises as a group) and discussion. There is no such thing as a bad or silly question. All questions and full and lively discussions are encouraged and anticipated!

Each Sunday afternoon workshop, 2 – 4pm, is $50 each or 4 for $175

Introduction to Pilates
This session will take you through the philosophy, essential elements, background and foundations of Pilates. Grounded with a gentle level of anatomy we will talk about the mental and physical health benefits of this amazing work, as well, take the group through the foundational work required for a fast and effective entry into your Pilates class. We will explain in detail essential elements like posture, alignment, core strength (what is it, where actually is it and what does it feel like?), the differences and essential functions of the Inner (Local) Core and the Outer (Global) Core Systems, the all-important neutral positions of pelvis and lumbar, and all other elements required for a full understanding of this sophisticated but incredibly accessible source of exercise.

Wrists and Hands
Do you struggle with painful or “weak” feeling wrists? Do you find it painful, uncomfortable or just too difficult to sustain being on your wrists and weight bearing? Well, if so, you are not alone! This is an incredibly common issue and in Pilates and Yoga we spend a large amount of time weight bearing on hands and through wrists. This session will break down why it happens and give clear and proven recommendations, exercises etc to help greatly improve the problem. This work is incredibly important for anyone doing regular Pilates or Yoga but can also be life changing as far as quality of life when it comes to things like gardening or computer work, tasks that demand a lot from our lower arms, hands and wrists.

Pelvis, SI Joints, Hips and Lumbar
It is a mouthful! This power house and weight bearing center of our bodies is vital for our health and well being in the world. If we have pain, discomfort or dysfunction anywhere within this area of the body then, as so many of us know, we are in trouble. This session will break down the anatomy of the pelvis, which includes and creates the hip joints, the SI joints and the junction at the lumbar spine. We will identify common and prevalent issues that come up for so many people within this area, and we will give and perform exercises that help get things back on track. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to share experiences, as quite often these issues can be difficult and confusing to assess and understand resulting in a long and often arduous rehabilitation. It can be very frustrating, depressing and even demoralizing when we feel as though we have tried everything but just cannot get something sorted out.

Feet and Ankles
So many of us encounter pain, discomfort and problems in our feet and ankles. Morning stiffness, plantar fasciitis, “weak” ankles, toe joint pain, etc. Our feet are literally our base of support! Understanding the complexities of feet and the lower leg, along with the massive role that fascia plays down there is key to being able to give appropriate and necessary care to them! This session will break down some light anatomy and then share exercises and protocols for helping strengthen and soften musculature and fascial tissue through our feet and lower legs. When our feet feel and function better then we have less pain and discomfort, we feel dramatically more sure and confident standing and moving on them and of course that is an invaluable part of our desired quality of life.

What clients have to say about Sarah and her teaching…

“Sarah has that rare, very special teaching gift. Not only are her explanations and demonstrations clear and precise, but she inspires participants to communicate with each joint and muscle to improve its performance. Like all exceptional teachers, she loves that we learn not only the what and how, but the why!” Carmel Ennis Smith

“I look forward to Sarah’s explanations of every movement our bodies must do to function in our daily lives. She is a master at body flow and how one movement links to another and strengthens us physically and mentally.” Coleen Marshall

“Sarah is a very passionate teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She is extremely dedicated to her work and to helping “every body”. She always takes the time to discuss any issues or limitations you might have and will make the necessary adjustments for you. I feel like a better version of my physical self because of Sarah and Pony Locale.” Jane Blackwood

“I was introduced to Pilates at Pony Locale with Sarah in 2013 after many years of pushing my body with aggressive cardio/strength-building group exercise while paying little attention to form. Sarah’s knowledge of human anatomy, her experience in teaching body awareness/movement patterns has resulted in my achievement of improvement in postural and core strength, fewer soft tissue complaints, and a more positive feeling of well being – all with promotion of safety/prevention of injury while integrating muscle systems to achieve a positive outcome. I would highly recommend Sarah’s Pilates classes and workshops as part of an overall plan to improve physical and mental health.” Lori Collins

“Sarah Joy Stoker is a very personable, professional person who is extremely knowledgeable about the process of building body strength through targeted, specialized exercise programs and self care. She is exceptionally good at helping clients recognize their strengths and weaknesses and in designing approaches that build on the strengths and address the weaknesses in positive fashion. I like Sarah’s sense of humour and the way in which she is able to put clients at ease in instructional situations. Of specific interest to me is her ability to explain the link between body mechanics and the movements she prescribes. That is…why a specific exercise is important and what impact it has on the body.” John Staple

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