June 15, 2020

Hi everyone,

We have cancelled the online classes this week to give us a chance to focus on developing a new group class schedule that will work on a more long term basis, whether online or in studio. As well, we are starting back with private clients in studio this week so want to make sure we are clear and focused and keeping the studio available for instructors to provide one on one training in a fair and safe way. Naturally we are restricted to a maximum of two sessions happening at one time.

We apologize to those of you who have been regular with the online classes! It should just be a week pause. Thank you for your ongoing support. If you are interested in a private session this week please let us know.

xo PL


April, 2020 – CoVid 19 Pandemic

Hello everyone,

we hope you are all doing well, staying safe and calm and gentle during this incredible time in all of our lives and the world.

At Pony Locale we excel at our live and in person classes and instruction. We want to have our eyes on people as they move and be able to guide, cue and facilitate adjustments based on what we are seeing.

Based on this incredible time we are living through however, we have made some recorded videos for you. We hope they will be useful, helpful and fun.

As we work to get these up on our website, in the mean time, CLICK HERE to visit our Youtube page where you can find them all.

ALSO! We are offering LIVE online classes three to five times a week. Please either use the Mindbody app or the live schedule page of this website to book/register. You can also purchase through the Mindbody app or through our website under the “pricing” tab.

Please share with anyone you think may be interested.

Please be careful and mindful. Do not do anything that hurts! Keep yourself safe, take your time, use your discretion.

For more information on us and our studio, classes etc. please check out our website, www.ponylocale.ca, or give us an email at info@ponylocale.ca or a call at 709-237-7487.

Pony Locale, nor its owners or staff are in no way liable for any pain, injuries, accidents or death that may result from the participation in using this video class.