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Studio policies

Studio policies

Studio policies

If you are new to the studio please come at least ten minutes early to fill out a registration form.
We provide mats, so just bring water, and wear moveable, comfortable clothing.
We are a scent free environment!  Please do not wear any scents to the studio, including perfumes, sprays or any products with scent.
Payment must be made before any classes, sessions or massages begin.
We require 24 hours notice for cancellations for Private, Semi-private and Massage sessions.
There are no refunds or transfers of services. All purchases are good for one year from the purchase date.
You can extend your passes if they are going to expire after the year with a $25 extension fee per month of extension needed.
We will pause, extend or in some cases refund passes for medical reason with a doctor’s note.

  • Classes may be canceled or changed, and instructors changed at any time. We will make every effort to notify clients as soon as possible.
  • Classes will be discontinued if there is insufficient attendance or if the designated teacher cannot be suitably replaced.
  • Group Reformer classes are held in the Group Reformer studio and must be purchased separately from Group Class studio classes/passes.
  • You must register for Group Reformer classes as the space is limited to 5.
  • We recommend you register for all classes (although it is not necessary) as we will be able to notify you of any changes or cancellations.
  • Cancel a reserved space using our website or the mindbody app, call (709) 237-7487 or email info@ponylocale.ca at least 4 hours before class start time. If you do not cancel your reserved space, it counts as a “no show” or a “late cancel”. If you are a class card holder it will count as a class, if not, or own an unlimited pass a $10 fee will be charged to your account.
  • If clients do not arrive within 15 minutes of the start of their private session or massage the session will be deemed a late cancel.
  • 3 month unlimited group class passes may be put on hold for travel etc. Please contact us before you leave!
  • Please purchase and register for classes online. You may also bring cheque or cash to the studio.


There will soon be an incremental increase in the charges for massage therapy services. As of Oct. 15 the following prices will take effect:

*Prices shown are with taxes included*

30 minute session – $50
45 minute session – $75
60 minute session – $97.50
90 minute session – $142

**As an example of how these price changes will have minimal impact on you (or your insurance) individually, consider the following example: over the course of the year, Ms. Smith purchased the following 4 massage sessions – 2×60 minute sessions, 1×90 minute session, and 1×45 minute session. Under the new pricing structure, Ms. Smith will only pay a TOTAL of  $19.00 more than she would have paid at our previous rates.** 

ATTENTION UNLIMITED PASS CLIENTS!!  –  Unlimited passes important change

We sent an email out back in February requesting anyone using unlimited passes be extra diligent with scheduling to avoid late cancels and no shows. Given the limit of 5 spaces per group reformer class these classes often have a wait list. Unfortunately it is still quite frequent that we have late cancels and even no shows for these classes. When this happens people on the wait lists do not have the opportunity to get a spot in the class and it is quite challenging to have a fully registered class with a wait list class end up with only three people in it, for example.

SO! Effective Monday September 10th, any members with an unlimited monthly pass that late cancel or do not show up for a class they are registered in will be charged $10.00 on their account. Each month, members will be notified of any account balances owing.

We appreciate your understanding with this matter, as we endeavour to maximize the number of classes our members are able to attend, and to ensure our teachers can provide you with the best possible class experience!

We strongly encourage all members to download the free MindBody app – with the app, you can easily cancel your class registrations if need be (late cancellations are any registrations cancelled <4 hours prior to class start). This will ensure that any wait listed members have time to register for the class, and it will prevent any penalty charges on your account. Thanks everyone

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