Temporary studio closure

Hello everyone,

In some ways this has been a very challenging decision, and in other ways, not. Given the context of the situation in Canada and our province, what we know from other countries that have just recently gone through this, and the advice from government and health officials over the past many days and today we have decided to close the studio temporarily.

We want to be part of the efforts which we strongly encourage everyone to engage with to slow the transmission of this virus, to help our health care system not become overwhelmed, and to then not have our most vulnerable left behind.

We are a small studio that works mainly with private clients and with group classes that are always kept small. So, we have been trying with extremely careful cleaning and distancing measures to stay open. As a small independently owned business of course it is extremely difficult to close our doors and leaves us as so many other local businesses in a very fragile position. That being said, we feel strongly that this is the time to make these decisions, to have the chance to make an important impact into how the next month will play out in our city, province and country.

We will be extending any passes or purchases clients own to reflect the time we must be closed. We are also looking into offering some live online classes. Stay tuned for that! We can also direct you to a number of our colleagues that have these online services already in motion and are amazing.

We thank everyone, our clients, who we literally love, and appreciate so much. This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone. Let’s all be smart and deeply compassionate. Let’s help those we can, safely. Let’s take this time to reflect and consider how we all live and how perhaps an event like this could mobilize the planet into fundamentally living in much more gentle ways, ones that move in line with the natural world around us rather than constantly depleting, degrading, extracting, forcing, and taking from it.

It is speaking back to us. Let’s all listen.

With love,
Pony locale

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