Community Testimonials

“I am truly enjoying my training with you and other instructors at Pony Locale, and I hope I have expressed to you how happy and grateful I feel to have found you. My start up with Pony over just 4 months ago has resulted in a significant change in terms of my physical stability, my range of motion, my understanding of and commitment to particular practices of movement, and my overall feelings of strength and confidence. I felt discouraged and frightened about my disability 4 months ago. It is difficult for me to put into words how deeply grateful I am for your sincere commitment and involvement in my learning and recovery. You are wonderful teachers and role models.”

— Judith P. Robertson, Ph.D

“You (Sarah) were so good to me and I am ever grateful for all the time and attention you put into helping me overcome my injuries. I am doing very well, working out at the YMCA gym at least 3 times per week and enjoying living an active and happy life with my family. It takes very special people to work with individuals who are experiencing not only the physical debilitations of injuries but also the emotional effects as well. The professional knowledge and empathetic nature that both you and Mike possess are the perfect combination for what these people need.”

— Anita Forward RN BN CCHN(C) 

“Although active I am a 55 year old woman who has not participated in organized classes for several years. Both nervous, due to previous injuries and intimidated because I didn’t know if I could do Pilates, I was determined not to let all my aches and pains control me and I started taking classes at Pony Locale. All instructors are aware of pre existing injuries and take this into consideration when teaching. They are extremely knowledgeable and conscientious making sure that all clients are performing to the best of their ability. To say I really enjoy the classes is an understatement. I feel much more flexible and energized. I highly recommend Pony Locale to anyone young or old and regardless of the shape you are in. It is never to late to feel fantastic!”

— Gail Hogan

“I was brain injured in 2003 and after amazing work with my physio I was able to walk again. Nine years later I began Pilates and it has been an incredible experience, improving my balance, strength, flexibility, posture and, in turn, my energy. Instead of walking with caution and near trepidation, I now walk for long distances with confidence and stamina. I have been going to Pony Pilates/Pony Locale for two years and not only have my balance and stability improved dramatically, but also my overall fitness. I recommend Pilates to anyone interested in improving their fitness and athleticism!”

— Nick Mercer

“I have had a number of chronic issues with my body that escalated over the past few years. I started working with Mike and Sarah to help me deal with these problems. What I love about their approach is that they want to get to the root of the problem and work from the inside out, not just provide superficial results. For the first time I am making real progress. Mike and Sarah, as well as Holly, are a great team that I trust. They are extremely knowledgeable, provide work out routines that are right for me and give modification to exercises as needed. While Pony Local has a comfortable physical space that is bright and clean, and they provide unique props and equipment, it is the people that make this a superior place. I enjoy group mat classes, love group reformer classes to enhance my results, and book private sessions to work on specific issues and monitor my progress. This has worked so well me that I recommended Pony Locale to my husband and he has also loved the classes and the results he feels in his body. I recommend Pony Locale to anyone with specific body issues that need care and attention from a knowledgeable team.”

— Donna Stapleton

“Pony locale works!
The classes work to give you exceptional value in a small group where you can strengthen and develop with confidence. The group reformer classes work as a unique core building forum. Private sessions work as the ultimate method of dealing with private and/or more demanding issues. Every experience at Pony Locale works to offer the best in restoring, strengthening or building your body to be the healthiest it can be.

Sarah and Michael and their staff work as highly trained professionals that pour equal amounts of skill, knowledge and caring into their work with their clients. The Pony Locale team works wonderfully to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I came to Mike and Sarah with a number of health issues and concerns. I have confidence that they know what I need to do to address these concerns. But even more than that, they are encouraging, helpful and caring in their approach. They have helped me move forward in ways that I didn’t think were possible anymore. With their encouragement I have lost over 50 pounds, I can move without pain in my neck and back all the time and my knee is growing stronger every visit. I am conscious of the alignment of my body now and I recognize the habits that I have developed that cause some of my issues. At Pony Locale, I have learned to make my body work.

Mike and Sarah’s efforts work for me. They can work for you too!
Pony Locale works!!”

— Barbara Dawe